As a musician, I’m free to sit around and create new concepts and thoughts. So today, I decided to invent a new mental disorder. The royalties on this baby ought to set me up really well. 

(So this is, actually, a public service announcement…)

I’m going to call it “O.P.C.” (other people’s chaos). This new disorder allows you to blame your fear, complacency and inaction on other peoples’ chaotic fears. Blaming O.P.C. will result in having NO LIABILITY for your personal actions.

(I think it’s a brilliant idea personally).

It’ll give anybody the excuse they need to stay home and not participate in their own welfare. Because now, they’ve contracted “O.P.C” and are helpless to act.  AND (this is the best part) the pharmaceutical companies get to come up with a brand new ‘blockbuster’ drug!

(This is where my royalties start kicking in and I’m sure Big Pharma will be happy to pay up)….

O.P.C. works for anyone…..simple, easy to use and no instruction manual required. Just 3 easy steps.

1st: Panic over things you have no control over.

2nd: Continue to watch television news for your daily dose of O.P.C.

3rd:  Pop the latest big pharma, ‘brand new drug’ (especially invented for this malady) AND BINGO!!…..O.P.C.!

Now you’re back to channel surfing, video games and Game of Thrones free from worry because you’re personal liability in life has all but vanished…..just keep reminding yourself: ”Oh Yeah, I can’t help myself, I have O.P.C.”

This new mental disorder can be used in many creative ways. Since we’re all being collectively influenced, bombarded and brainwashed to accept abhorrent behavior as the ‘new norm’, we can easily slip this into our daily mental routine.

Now ‘everyday people’ have an excuse to not stand up and yell “BULL SHIT” at the absurdities and cognitive dissonance being spoon fed by government, corporations and mindless TV viewing.

These manufactured fears can all be monitored from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to DO anything…..just panic quietly in front of your TV.

It’ll be a great excuse to be helpless and feeble AND the pharmaceutical companies can make billions off the release of this drug. It’ll be great for everyone concerned.

Politicians will love it. Big Pharma will love it. People will love it. But most of all, I’ll love my new ‘income for life’ from Big Pharma…..what do you think……pretty good idea, huh?

I am now taking applications from investors to support my lifestyle until this whole thing kicks in all the way……just contact me here.